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Pregnancy Pain

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While some pain during pregnancy is normal, there are natural treatments to relieve your symptoms and make you more comfortable. Dr. Laura Pate at Absolute Healthcare Advanced Chiropractic in Port St. Lucie, Florida, specializes in prenatal chiropractic care and the Webster Technique. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn how chiropractic care can help relieve your pregnancy pains, naturally.

Pregnancy Pain Q & A

What are pregnancy pains?

When you’re pregnant, your body is going through a lot of changes — some uncomfortable and a little painful. Pregnancy pains can occur in the groin area, abdomen, and uterus.

While pregnancy pain is considered normal, some situations require immediate medical attention. These include:

  • Pain associated with fever, chills, vomiting, change in vaginal discharge, or heavy bleeding
  • Continual pain after adjusting or resting
  • Pain that makes it difficult to walk, speak, or breathe
  • Sharp, localized pain that is persistent  

What causes pregnancy pains?

Common causes of pregnancy pains include:

  • Gas, bloating, or constipation
  • Cramping from the expanding uterus
  • Round ligament pain from the ligament supporting the uterus stretching

If you experience sharp, localized pain on one side, it can indicate an ectopic pregnancy. When a fertilized egg implants itself in an area outside of your uterus — often your fallopian tube — you have an ectopic pregnancy. It's a severe condition that requires immediate medical attention.

While chiropractic can’t address an ectopic pregnancy, Dr. Pate can use other techniques to address specific causes of pregnancy pains. For example, she uses the Webster Technique to relieve pregnancy pains that have to do with your pelvis.

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique, or Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique, is a prenatal chiropractic approach that Dr. Laura Pate uses to reduce stress on the ligaments supporting the uterus by balancing the pelvis.

During pregnancy, the round ligaments supporting the uterus can become tight and thin. This tightness can cause sharp pains and restrict the movement of your baby, causing it to remain in a breech position for longer than usual.

With the Webster Technique, Dr. Laura Pate gently and safely relieves that tightness by aligning the sacrum and pelvis.

How can chiropractic medicine help pregnancy pains?

The changes your body deals with as a result of pregnancy can misalign your spine and joints, leading to discomfort and pregnancy pains. Chiropractic care can safely and naturally support your health during pregnancy.

Dr. Laura Pate is a skilled chiropractor specializing in women’s health issues, pediatric care, and perinatal care at Absolute Healthcare Advanced Chiropractic. Dr. Pate’s expertise gives her a deeper understanding of the unique needs facing women and pregnant mothers.

During your pregnancy, Dr. Pate not only works with you on your overall alignment, but she also establishes pelvic balance using the Webster Technique to help your baby get into the best position for delivery. Her specialized care can also help:

  • Control nausea
  • Relieve neck, back, or joint pain
  • Reduce labor time and delivery
  • Reduce the possibility of a cesarean delivery

In addition to physical chiropractic care, Dr. Pate recommends nutritional and lifestyle changes to support your overall health during your pregnancy.

Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about how Absolute Healthcare Advanced Chiropractic can naturally support your pregnancy and manage your pain and discomfort.